So what exactly is Jet Setting on a dime? Is it about travel? Is it about the Jet set world and all it’s secrets? Is it about society and the rich & famous? Is it about useful information on all that is good living? Well…it’s a little of all and then some.

It’s a lifestyle blog…my lifestyle!!!

A life consumed by curiosity that has driven me to discover and experience so much around the world that begs to be shared with others. I celebrate life, art, food, cultures and traditions as well as eccentricity and originality and all that makes human nature such a monumental miracle!!!!

I had the fortune of being surrounded by extraordinary people throughout my life: some of the greatest artists, personalities in the film, music and fashion industry; visionaries, politicians and industrialists, people who have inspired me to learn more and to grow as a person, but most of all: to be me!

I am a real estate agent with Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills, California; but one of my biggest passions is: Travel!

A blog seemed like the perfect venue where I can have a casual, undisciplined, spontaneous conversation about anything or anyone, when ever and however I wish and not be to concerned about the fact that I can’t write. I can talk about all the amazing characters I’ve met through the years and the many events I was fortunate enough to attend. I want to share the laughs, the amazement, the surprise, the delectable, the naughty, the insane, the controversial, the useful. I will talk about art, photography, food and wines, how to pick the best seat on a plane, or where to find a decent toilette at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, how to get out of a traffic violation in Santiago de Cuba or how to get in front of the line at Space in Ibiza. What to pack when going to Rio de Janeiro and what not to wear at a dinner party in Paris. I will tell you what tourist traps to avoid around the world and more so, where you definitely want to be trapped in!

Why the name “Jett setting on a dime”? I am in no way suggesting you can Jet Set on a dime; not going to happen!! Jet setting requires Jets (sorry…), and possibly Yachts, Helicopters, fabulous villas and estates and lots and lots of cash…I have none of the above!

Traveling around the world for the last 40 years has taught me many tricks and shortcuts, but most of all, it taught me that you don’t need to be a “real” jet setter to discover the many wonders this world has to offer; it just requires “know how”, curiosity, passion and lots of travel experience. I’ve made travel my art form, I enjoy life at it’s fullest by being aware of my environment, noticing and appreciating all around me, beyond the obvious.

If anything, I just wish to inspire people about this extraordinary world that is out there for everyone to experience, for everyone to marvel at, for everyone to be inspired by, no matter how you get from point A to point B…though I rather get there on a Gulfstream 5.

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